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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pain under left breast

But even if the heart is the cause, this may radiate to the right side. We have put together a list, in which we list all possibilities that are too apt to pain in the left chest. The possibilities / causes sometimes doubled with the right chest.

Pain under left breast - Causes

We divide the ways to pain under left breast into 2 categories.

Pain under left breast - Threatening Causes

Heart pain: It may be that there is a temporary circulatory disturbance, and which is called angina pectoris. Usually arises because of narrowed coronary arteries, which is triggered in coronary heart disease. It is a kind of tightness, palpitations and shortness of breath may follow. The symptoms will ring usually within a minute again.

Heart Attack: Can pectoris follow as a result of angina. It forms a blood clot and clogs the coronary arteries. The heart muscle is no longer supplied at this moment in the area with blood and dies. Stitches in the left chest and a tightness and shortness of breath may occur. Often the pain radiates to the left shoulder and also in the upper abdomen or the back / neck and in the lower jaw Followed usually by sweating and nausea. To this end, the fear of death is parallel to the most violent pain. Heart attacks can be overlooked in women sometimes because here can rule other symptoms. Here are then more discomfort in the upper abdomen.
Hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias: If you have elevated blood pressure and he reached peaks of up to 230 mm Hg, then this can cause discomfort. Shortness of breath and pain in the left chest and heart pain occur.

Pulmonary embolism: If a blood clot dissolves going on, it can lead to blockage of a vessel in the lungs. Here sudden pain, shortness of breath and possibly loss of consciousness may occur.
Pneumonia: pain under left breast, also cough, stabbing pain in the chest and a labored breathing as rising fever and expectoration.

Pneumothorax: Here the pleura are torn and thus air enters the gap between the lung and the pleura. This can lead to a collapse of the lung. So you have sudden shortness of breath and pain in the left chest, Cough and a kind of suffocation. Something like this is often caused by an accident
Lung cancer: Increasing pain in the chest, accompanied by cough and causes breathlessness and hoarseness.

Also can raise bloody sputum

Mitral Valve Prolapse: A heart valve defect can lead to pain in the left chest.
Pericarditis: Is mostly caused by viruses, and causes a stabbing pain in the chest, which increases on deep breathing and coughing. Shortness of breath and fever are usually concomitantly.
Aortic constriction: A narrowing it always leads to temporary pain in the left chest.
Mediastinal inflammation: Between the two lungs is a purulent infection and consequently inflammation. High fever and altered mental status are common symptoms of this life-threatening disease.
Pleurisy: Dispatched from infections. The chest hurts and the pain increase through breathe and cough. Fever and cough are other accompanying symptoms.

Aortic dissection: Here rips the vascular volume of the aorta and a danger to life can radiate to the back and into the legs.Esophageal Rupture: Due to heavy pressure, the esophagus may tear. This is followed by severe pain in the left chest.

Pain under left breast: Harmless causes

Heartburn: Due to the rising of stomach acid it may pain behind the breastbone. This usually followed by belching clean.

Strain and muscle soreness: When the muscles tense, this can sometimes radiate into the chest or upper back. Pain intensity changes due to movement. If the nerves that lie beneath the ribs are inflamed, sufferers even speak of a "burning in the bosom". But muscles can cause pain in the left chest.

Vertebral blocks: If a movement restriction of the spine is present, it may be that it / are back chest pain. They occur suddenly and irritate the muscles and nerves are located between the ribs, Symptoms similar to angina pectoris.

A bruise / rib fracture: A broken rib can cause quite severe pain under left breast, but is straightforward. When breathing, laughing and coughing can cause pain. Also bruises do in this area hurt for weeks.
The psyche: One should not underestimate the psyche, because the influence of the psyche, stress and anxiety can also cause pain in the left chest. Man confused with these symptoms most of angina pectoris disease.

Shingles (herpes zoster): If the shingles / herpes virus is triggered, a chest half is affected. The result is a belt- shaped rash and pain in the left chest.Diaphragmatic hernia: severe pain under left breast can also provide through a gap in the diaphragm that the stomach partially full slips into the chest.Gallbladder / pancreas: If you have a disease such as gallstones or inflammation of the pancreas that causes pain in the upper abdomen often radiate out and cause pain under left breast.

A Roemheld Syndrome: When gas accumulates in the abdomen, it pushes against the diaphragm upward and can also cause heart problems, is similar to the symptoms of angina pectoris. A stabbing pain in the chest and a feeling of pressure are common.

Tietze's syndrome: A very rare disease in which there is a swelling and pain under left breast, like the ribs triggers.