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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Abdominal pain (Pain in the Abdomen) left - right: Symptoms, Causes & Suggestions Part 2

Abdominal pain in the upper right

Symptoms: the pain is located mainly in the upper right part of the abdomen. This pain may spread to other places so you can suffer from pain in the right shoulder region, the right upper back or the breast, and you can also suffer from set-aside tendencies, vomiting and gasification.

Causes: often gallstones

Suggestions: Make sure to go to the doctor when it is not the first attack. Call directly for a doctor or an emergency service if these symptoms occur for the first time. The pain can be even worse when you are suffering from abdominal pains caused by gall stones.

Symptoms: You can suffer from chronic-abdominal pain in the upper right hand region. You can also suffer from extreme fatigue and suffering from fever and a sore throat.

Causes: you may suffer a viral infection probably mononucleosis.

Suggestions: go immediately to the doctor when you are suffering of Abdomen pain in the upper right hand region. You will probably receive medication and you will need a lot of rest.

 upper Abdominal pain 

Symptoms: acute pain starts gradual or sudden in the upper part of the belly and it can be spread over the abdomen to the back.

This pain can initially be mild, and it can be worse in the stomach area after the food, especially when an extensive meal you have taken have spread over several hours and also have drunk firmly.

You can also expect to get load of fallow tendencies, vomiting, swollen and soft belly, fever and an increase in pulse rate.

Cause: could be pancreatitis

Suggestions: you must immediately undergo treatment. This condition may be acute or chronic. Whatever form is serious and may lead to additional complications. In severe cases might hemorrhage infections, and permanent damage to the tissues.

Symptoms: you can feel pressure in the upper abdomen, especially when this abdominal pain is accompanied by pain in the region of the heart, indigestion, pain in the chest and fallow tendencies.

Causes: hiatal hernia

Suggestions: Make an appointment with your family doctor. If you with this form of hernia home diagnostic and the various symptoms and signs of trouble, then you should ask your doctor about referring to a specialist in digestive diseases, a gastroenterologist.

In addition, you can also try to several smaller meals throughout the day instead of a few large meals. Raise the head end of your bed with approximately 15 cm and first 3 hours after the meal are not to prevent belly ache.

Symptoms: a frequent burning sensation and pain in the upper part of the chest, sometimes releasing to the throat, and it can also accompany by a raw feeling in your mouth. Other symptoms may include a knock ping in the throat, difficulties in swallowing and a dry cough.

Causes: gastroesophageale reflux disease (GERD)

Suggestions: To avoid new attacks in the future you can at the first signs of a lozenge antacid pain medicinal product. At the pharmacy you can head over the counter agent to buy the blocking symptoms.

When the pain still present after a few days and the treatment does not seem to work take your best contact with your doctor. Go straight along when you suffer from difficulties in swallowing.

Very often it is a lasting improvement possible with the natural product: Esophageal Guardian.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Abdominal pain (Pain in the Abdomen) left - right: Symptoms, Causes & Suggestions Part 1

Abdominal pain
People often think that they suffer on a particular point in the upper abdomen and this often continue due to their stomach while the previously is due to pain in the abdominal muscles and its surroundings, especially when it comes to abdominal pain in the left region.

This pain can come from the tissues of the abdominal wall that surrounds the Abdomen cavity, such as the skin and the abdominal wall muscles.

The term abdominal pain is often used to describe pains come from organs in the abdominal cavity. This can be any component from the belly cause pain, including your appendix, you gallbladder, pancreas, your kidneys, and your intestines.

When you suffer from intrusive pain, then you may not ignore this. The most causesare of less serious nature and can easily be determined and treated, but this pain can also be the signal that there is something seriously wrong.

If you get there early in the symptoms of the pain, makes it easier to make the difference between a smaller problem and a medical emergency.

Symptoms of abdominal pain that your concern

Depending on the history of the patient will be a general examination of the pain show how serious the situation is. If the pain is not of intense nature, an adjustment of your life-style will comfort.

Is the pain intense? then you need to consult a doctor or if very serious, immediately go to the hospital.

What is more, when the pain is accompanied by fever, vomiting with blood, bloody stool or load at the breathing, or when the pain occurs during a pregnancy than you need as quickly as possible to consult the doctor.

Two questions which should be raised when ache occurs

With a view to your health, the following two simple questions are a great help to the doctor when he or she needs to make a diagnosis of the cause of your pain.

1.How did the pain started?

Pain suddenly comes up usually means a medical emergency signal. The always means that there is suddenly something happened in your body.

2. Where does the pain happen?

Generally speaking, pain on the left side is more common on women and young adults. There are many causes of an Abdomen ache on the left side, including problems with the intestines, such as diverticulitis and constipation or pain from muscles and the skin over the left part of the abdomen.

Abdominal ache on the right hand side is normally caused by a mimic appendicitis, what the location of the appendix. But you can also be one of those exceptional cases. Try to find the correct position of the pain and this can certainly be useful for the doctor in his diagnostic .

It is useful to have general knowledge of the different types of Abdomen pain. You can do this by these same studies to do with the method described below and by the table to use. We call this the Quadrant 4 diagnostic method of belly pain.

For a more accurate determination of what specifically is the source of the abdominal pain, it is useful to a horizontal and vertical line and the abdomen to divide into four parts: the right upper quadrant, the Left Upper Quadrant, the right and the left-hand under quadrant.

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