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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Right Side Abdominal Pain : Pay Attention To Your Body

Update: New Update about Uрреr Right Abdоmеn Pаin

Everyone suffers from occasional Right side abdominal pain . Different forms of pain indicate different diseases. What causes can have right-sided abdominal ache, and what you should do about it .

Right side abdominal pain
Right side abdominal pain

Possible causes Right side abdominal pain

If you are suffering from right-sided abdominal pain in the lower abdomen , for example pelvic disease, a hernia or chronic inflammatory bowel disease can hide behind it . Even internal organs , such as the gall bladder , the stomach , the kidneys or the urinary tract may be ill.

Abdominal pain right of belly button can have many different causes, including appendicitis

Right-sided abdominal pain in the upper abdomen may indicate among other things, liver crane hollows or biliary tract disease . Pains that start in the upper abdomen and migrate into the right lower abdomen , usually indicate appendicitis.

Appendicitis as the cause of Right side abdominal pain

When appendicitis or an inflammatory disease of the appendix , a small appendage at the end of the appendix referred to . Only in very rare cases, the entire appendix is inflamed, even if the name , the more likely suspect .

Appendicitis can trigger in addition to very strong Pain in the right abdomen also the following symptoms : bad general condition, nausea , vomiting and fever. Sufferers can not walk properly usually have a pressure sensitive stomach , and take a protective posture by bend her right leg towards the belly .

In children, appendicitis occurs most frequently , but also older people are often affected. For them, as well as in pregnant women, the symptoms of appendicitis can also be very atypical, which is why they should be particularly good attention to the signs of her body.

How dangerous is the appendicitis

Appendicitis as the cause right abdominal pain can take various degrees of severity and in the worst case for life-threatening ruptured appendix . Therefore, you should definitely consult a doctor if you suffer from severe right-sided abdominal pain, or carry out other accompanying symptoms of appendicitis per se .

The doctor may provide you with means of palpation, ultrasound examination , blood tests , CT scan or laparoscopy a diagnosis. In many cases, surgical removal of the entire cecum is then necessary to prevent a breakthrough. Since the appendix serves no known function in the human body is its distance no impairment to the patient.

What should you do with Right side abdominal pain

Since right-sided abdominal pain can have different causes so it is no generally accepted procedure . In response to the question of when you should go to the doctor , the " dispensaries survey " advises: " In the short term at unusual discomfort, if this is how the abdominal pain itself , still does not want soft after one or two days immediately if pain rapidly. Help increase or halfway decent postures hardly unbearable pain relieve . "

Strong pain in lower right abdomen ...

So I've been a few days abdominal pain. Yesterday evening was very bad, I think two or three hours in the entire lower abdomen Range. Because I just had my period , I thought it was because it was so bad but still not. I then went to the doctor today, tomorrow , who then on the suspicion of appendicitis / irritation test made. He had pressed there and I had no joking. The pain is rather scattered right. My doctor has sent me back home, but I have goggled a bit and always get out and everywhere comes appendicitis. Now I have terrified what could be your pain  .

So there on the right side of the right ovary , very dense near where the caecum is located . If you 're having your period even, then it is conceivable that these ovarian CAUSED pain. For example on an ovarian inflammation , this should look a gynecologist times. Have you always pain in the rule ? That would not be normal ...

There is a disease that has every 10th woman - and many women / girls who do not know . Which is called endometriosis and the endometrium is emerging scattered outside the uterus in the abdomen. For example, the ovary , of the bands of the uterus, the bladder or on ... which is very different. This part of the mucosa as they do not bleed out , and the same as in the uterus to the same time , which makes the cause inflammation and pain. It may for example, by coming to adhesions / adhesions. This stove e.g. endometriosis on ovarian blood supply and staring them firmly to the intestine. The first is healed and on the next cycle it goes on ...

This is usually not recognized for a long time by the gynecologist. ( Unfortunately) very often, cysts form on the ovaries - there are so-called functional cysts, which often disappear in the next cycle , there are other cysts. Which can be determined in more detail in the ultrasound . In endometriosis also form cysts on ovaries very often , which are then called chocolate cysts , so the bleeds are on the name , which can not disappear , which must be removed surgically.

Almost all cysts cause any pain , although some doctors think small could hardly be so painful .. However, most women will say something else to ... that the cyst but hurts. Also very small . So I would recommend consulting a good gynecologist and leaving the check detail. A cyst is relatively highly visible on ultrasound . If that does not even necessarily have to be the case now, while look-in times on the symptoms and the long term if it could be an endometriosis.

If the suspicion is strengthened , then it would be good to look for an endometriosis center. That is very important . In youtube you can find a post of a young woman under . Endometriosis explains it just fine - in more detail than I here .

I myself am also known that ignites e.g. the ovary by this disease , or the intestine sticking .
It can of course also be appendicitis, chronic appendicitis or there is a gastrointestinal disease with bacteria. Yersinia some of which gastrointestinal problems or even makes pseudoappendicitis causes , that is, appendicitis -like symptoms . So you go to the gastroenterologist , who perhaps does a stool sample and tested for these bacteria . This would be treated with antibiotics . But since you have your regular - at the same time it is more likely that maybe a cyst or inflammation is present in the ovary. Therefore, first for Gyn

Update: New Update about Uрреr Right Abdоmеn Pаin

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