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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Reasons To Pain In My Left Side And Chest

Pain in my left side of the body could be a sign of inflammation in one of the organs located there. While we think of pain in the breast of the woman, the disease of breast cancer comes to mind. It does not select the place that it grows on. If the pain in my left side of the chest, it may mean something other than cancer .

The left side of the body has organs such as the lower end of the heart, the left lung, stomach, part of the liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, parts of small and large intestines, left kidney and the left side of the reproductive organs. Which the left ovary and the left Fallopian tubes are part of the uterus in women and left testicle in men.

Pain In My Left Side
Pain In My Left Side
Pain in my left side will never point to appendicitis, unless a person has total sites inverses. It means that it may be inflammation of the stomach, links, lung, spleen, left kidney, ovary, or left side of the intestine.
Lower end of the heart is located on the left side of our chest. The heart beats a diastolic pressure pumping blood to make from the base. This is the reason heartbeat is always felt on the left chest. Acid reflux is a feeling of ache in the left breast, most known as heartburn. There is a painful burning sensation in the esophagus, which is just below our breastbone. This burning sensation can rise to the throat, neck, or jaw upwards. A main symptom of Castro - oesophageal reflux disease is heartburn. Acid reflux is also identified as one of the causes of chronic cough and may even mimic asthma.

Pain in my left side may be due to pancreatitis, stomach ulcer or ovulation ache. Pancreatitis is a common health problem having two types which are acute and chronic. In acute pancreatitis, the ache is sharp, short-lived and usually more severe. The pain may spread to the back or below the left shoulder blade. It is mainly caused by alcoholism, gallstones and gallbladder disease. On the other hand, chronic pancreatitis is a result of extended alcohol abuse.

Heartburn does not affect the heart in any way despite its name. This name is given because of the reason that the burning sensation is felt intensely right where the heart should be. However, this pain is known only from the actual location, which is at the entrance of the stomach. However, alternative treatments of heartburn do not require intake of drugs or restrictive diet triggering a sleeping bed at a slight angle, so that the head is raised slightly higher than the feet. This angle prevents stomach acid rises into the esophagus, causing the ache.

Pain in my left side

Can also be a sign of stomach ulcer. The stomach may have a hole in the lining of or the duodenum. Usual common symptoms of peptic ulcer are severe, burning, hurt and discomfort in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting food or blood and belching. Stomach ulcer produces pain that is after meals, usually experienced while in duodenal ulcer is pain that is experienced between meals or when the stomach is empty. The pain decreases after taking antacids. ache arises from the ovulation of women when they have it once a month. This pain is called ovulation pain, and it is a lower abdominal pain. If ache increases, then it is always better to go to the doctor and have a full review.

Advice for Severe pain in my left side after nephrectomy for tumor

You should speak with the doctor who has the surgery performed, whether he can also check the deeper seams with suitable means. I know someone has also always had problems with pain in the renal bed. His scar is infiltrated and he then again calm before the pain.

I can only stress that I find a rehabilitation program of fundamental importance especially because of the physiotherapy care. Here are such things as patient mobilization, muscle building and also SCARS MASSAGE in the foreground. I have made the experience that experienced physiotherapist can palpate tension in the tissue very well and gently loosen.

I would also like as a pain treatment, the acupuncture it may help you.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Massage the Huge Pregnant Belly

A simple gesture that encompasses many messages: the hand of the expectant mom caressing her huge pregnant belly. How many times, more or less consciously women send their thoughts and feelings through this small touch. Communicating mentally and physically with the aquatic world within her.
Massage the Huge Pregnant Belly
Huge Pregnant Belly

But if you want to dedicate to you and your children a bit of time. Relating more deeply and not only using toccata fast and fleeting caress the belly. You can try to do a pre- massage your puppies.

Set aside a quiet moment. It takes ten minutes the important thing is that you should be comfortable and have less interference as possible from the outside. Close your eyes and listen to your breath, letting it slowly becomes deeper and slower. With each exhalation let go of thoughts, images, commitments that will crowd the mind. Let go and relax, to reach a state as close to the mental silence. So stay listening and accepting whatever comes.

Huge Pregnant Belly
Huge Pregnant Belly
With the voice or mentally call your child. Send messages of presence, affection, try to connect by sending all the positive messages you feel inside full of sincerity and love.

When you're ready try knock-knock - knock on your huge pregnant belly. The touch is not exactly like you knock on the door but a slight and gradual pressure on one side of the abdomen that is repeated slowly three times. Do not place your hand flat on the belly but just wait for the response of the child.

This touch is used to call your child or your baby is a message very different from everyday tactile stroking of the stomach and is intended to establish the beginning of a time of play or cuddle exclusively dedicated to your child. A message will become a recognizable ritual for the start of the next times when you will want to try this experience.
Huge Bellies
Huge Pregnant Bellies

Stay in waiting for a response: a nod, a foot kick, a movement or a feeling that he tells you that your creature is responding. Caution: It is said that children always respond, maybe they sleep or are not available just like with the neonatal massage. The first few times then, may need to learn to associate your touch screen gesture with the time spent.

Do not be discouraged if it is not the time, you can try again later ( at a time when the kids are awake and moving is often in the two hours after Moms meal. Maybe you can try to take advantage of this time . )
If you feel the child's response. Draw a heart on the huge pregnant belly with your finger. The core part on the side where you have "knocked" and the tip pointing toward the navel of the mother.

As a new mom can send positive messages to her creature (e.g. "I am happy to be together at this time," "I'm glad that you exist ", "together we are able to deal with each other right now," or anything nice to say after hearing to your little one). The mother will wait for the response and if we will, once again draw the heart.

Of course, even dads can do this experience. I'll explain how below. First is the mom to call the child or the child as explained above. Then dad shows up and calls her baby, can then in turn knock or choose a twist and a different mode.

While waiting for the response the father takes the mother's hand. And when the mother feels the response of the small companion to shake hands and then he'll draw the heart on the huge pregnant belly.
Terminate this time dedicated to thanking and if desired leaving another thought to accompany your creature.

Good pre- massage at all!
Nicole Bressan

* The practice was spread by Gino Soldera, in his book: Premassaggio love in pregnancy, published by Editeam and in it you will find useful concepts and different games that accompany you in your trials. The proposed pre- massage reported here, however, is not contained in the book is an exercise popularized by a teacher of pre-and post-natal yoga Valencia: Carmela Escriche.

Huge Pregnant Belly Photos

Huge Pregnant Belly
Huge Pregnant Belly

Pregnant Belly
Pregnant Belly

Huge Pregnant Bellies
Huge Pregnant Bellies

Pregnant Bellies
Pregnant Bellies

Huge Pregnant Bellies
Huge Pregnant Bellies

Pregnant Belly
Pregnant Belly

Pregnant Bellies
Pregnant Bellies

Huge Belly
Huge Pregnant Belly



Monday, December 9, 2013

Gastric Sleeve Testimonials

Here are some Gastric Sleeve Testimonials.

Gastric Sleeve Testimonials
Gastric Sleeve Testimonials

Update: New Gastric Sleeve Testimonials Here
When hunger, I have still not recognizing the difference between the desire to Eating and hunger. But once you made your stomach says. Today I see the effect after 16 days. In the morning I eat 30 to 40 g of muesli in 1/2 cup Reduced milk I cannot drink all the time for breakfast to 9 am. Before the Gastric sleeve operation my lunch was 1 cup of coffee with 6 Crackers and butter, 2 slices of turkey ham at 10 am I ate a banana and compote and 12 I longed to eat. The lunch and dinner I eat around 40 g + 40 g starch mixed proteins and I eat compote or yogurt with chocolate or pistachio 0 % to avoid sugar 2 after meals.

If I eat dessert after the meal I feel a weight being evil who said we should stop. It also happened that I have a pain as when Swallowing water through it gets stuck in the esophagus, and that it means not Eat or drinks anything for several hours. I'm greedy, that I enjoy when I eat but I am satisfied with little food and I never believed in the bush! Today I weigh 103 lbs. I cannot wait to switch to below 2 Digits.

Moral question that's two days I had the moral socks (and Yes you have to stay at home without doing anything because otherwise you will be too tired) and I do anything I do not know. I see the garden with the Bad herbs growing and I cannot tear. I cannot Remove the laundry machine (lifting weight being lowered is a bit Painful) ditto for the dishwasher. I can make room and I take Pleasure before yesterday except the smell of cooked roast beef oil prevented me to want to eat. Otherwise I eat everything so I 'm glad I know this is not the case for the entire world. the First week you have sealed with blood is normal and then all Returns to normal. Many talk about alleviates diarrhea, I had no problem with this Side there.

The second thing you have to wait about 15 days after Gastric sleeve to make love with your partner for not having a stomach ache.

Another question you say that after 2 spoonful you are satisfied it is I suppose that your stomach is full but what about your desires?
Did not you want more than 2 tablespoons??

Another Gastric sleeve testimonials.

I've just had surgery June 10, 2013. I returned on Sunday evening, operated on Monday morning at 8 am. Leaving the clinic 14 h Wednesday. Everything is fine. The day of surgery I was under morphine pump, I leaned not because I was not in pain but the nurse leaned to me because she told me that we should not let them settle pain.

 Tuesday morning I removed the morphine pump no pain, no urinary catheter, no drain. The only gene that is that when I got up I felt that movements in my belly depending on my movements. I lost first week 5 kilos. The second week I lost nothing.

 I think this is normal, my body adapts. abut food in the day after the operation I am limited to 2 teaspoons sauce. On Wednesday morning I drank 2 sips of tea with half a biscuit. Thursday at home 2 rusks soaked in milk but I did not drink milk. The starch and 30 g noon 30 g of mixed meat, same at night. 2nd week I do not mix. I eat 40 g morning muesli without additions with 1/ 2 cup low fat milk noon sugar. And in the evening I made 40 g and 40 g of carbohydrates proteins and 3 h after every meal I eat my dessert. I put the cherry jam home (50% sugar less) in my yogurt and I have not been dumping syndrome.

15 days after the Gastric sleeve surgery I started taking vitamins prescribed by the doctor ( iron, Vitamin D3, B12 and AZINC ). The first week I was really low because of the lack of food ingested. 2nd week it getting better but I like to work in my garden and that lasts 15 minutes and after it is three hours of rest to recover.

Here I hope to have given some info that you can use. I saw the Doctor one month after the operation. The scar is beautiful and very small (5 stitches). For the moment the balance is positive. This is especially before the operation I was hungry all the time and now I can eat everything but in small quantities. So I always eat the things I love but after 2 tablespoons I am satisfied.
Keep us updated, how much have you lost weight now?

Update: New Gastric Sleeve Testimonials Here

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Help Why I Have Belly Button Bleeding?

I have found while ago after the shower that I have a little belly button bleeding. Just a little bit and I think it has some pus it. And I have'n noted anything previously . It hurts a little only when I press on it. How can this come from? Do I need to see a doctor?

I should advise you in any case let it to be viewed by a doctor. As it is not a play. It has probably formed an inflammation an acquaintance of mine had the time and it even had to be hospitalized as the inflammation was progressed and close to the peritoneum. It may be that the belly button has not completely closed the inside (is rare but it may happen) and then penetrate bacteria from the outside one. My friend got a while ago an antibacterial spray that he had to always spray it on the belly button and dry the belly button always very well after showering otherwise there can easily bacteria form. So please be sure to see a doctor for safety sake.

Either that was a little pus pimples that you have since the shower, or you have a local inflammation. Look at (if possible) the belly button closely. To it and everything around it. Do you have somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the belly button ( or belly navel) is a hardened body, a strange body sensation or a blue spot which may be an indication that such as, an insect bite has ignited there. But you definitely must not fall in panic. However, if it continues to bleed in the next 1-2 days (even away from the shower) you should look for a doctor.

It can be that it was just a pimple that just was in the belly button. And now you are bleeding and have the pimples otherwise you have a problem


Belly button bleeding... 

My girlfriend has belly button bleeding. I've already told her to go to the doctor, but she didn't do it. How can I convince them that she must go to the doctor? What is this at all, why she has belly button bleeding?

Could she have scratched a superficial pimple which is not bad, but a deeper wound to the belly button is for pathogens, the shortest path to the lying in the abdominal organs.

Appeal to their reason because with violations with the belly button is not to be trifled with. And if she would not make serious thoughts herself, she would have determined not tell you about it - right? Ask her how the belly button bleeding has arisen - and if she has not just scratched. Then you threaten to if necessary the termination of your friendship if she do not immediately moves with you for emergency consultation with a doctor or the hospital so that it can be clarified whether the injury does not have to be treated or is inflammation in belly button Medical, e.g. triggered by poor hygiene or umbilical hernia repairs (hernia)? An umbilical hernia makes the idea a good idea at the doctor because abdominal organs can become trapped in the hernia. While an existing umbilical hernia in infancy usually grows together in the first years of life, no longer disappear over the age of puberty, existing umbilical hernia.

My colleague (24 years) has since March of each day before beginning of period pain at the belly button. It goes so far that the belly button tears as a small piece and bleeds easily figure it out. Did not believe it myself until I saw it today.

So far all the doctors seem clueless, and the Gyn Sono and smears on bacteria are gone.
She has never had a surgery on the abdomen, no reflections, has no child had an accident etc.
Any ideas?

The belly button bleeding also fits into the picture. Funny only that the gyn has not thought about it. So, maybe he thought about it, but ruled it for some reason.

So completely insane that is not now, especially when one considers the cycle of dependence. The menstrual pain may also be expressive of endometriosis. Maybe let biopsy (diagnosis- the skin) and laparoscopy.

Who biopsied the skin diagnosis- or who takes the test? The gyn? And laparoscopy is the direct imperative? (I had 2 years ago and got a really nice adhesions now)

Gyn or dermatologist, I'd say.

If you want to make clarify whether there are actually endometriosis herd: yes. With non-invasive imaging to get as close. You can also leave the herd same in one go coagulate, which may improve the discomfort. Herd may also be located in the myometrium or the tubes, however, as it comes naturally badly off.

Would definitely fit an extragenital endometriosis, it must not even be there any other problems. Hope you do not want it, but a tangible diagnosis is sometimes a real relief.

It is important that your colleague is really going to a specialist: - opinion, there are a lot of endometriosis centers where reasonable diagnosis is operated, minimally invasive and organ -preserving (you know, unfortunately, never what one expects) operates and also well looked after. It unfortunately makes clear the difference how many times a Doc was faced with this disease, whether he knows. This can usually barely afford an established Gyn and also the hospital next door does not. Otherwise, the Council for the removal of the uterus, an abdominal incision and pregnancy recommendations are there faster than you think. Now sounds exaggerated but it is unfortunately way.

Often made with the first operation on the following, then also there where it can be restored properly. Everything else has no value. I 'm with this belly button bleeding, have the most adventurous Tips and Docs come to know.


Abdominal Pain Right Side

Update: New Update about Abdominal Pain Right Side

Lower abdominal pain right side is found in the right lower or upper abdominal, specified ache which may be of different causes and different pain character. 

abdominal pain right side
abdominal pain right side


Abdominal pain right side is a very common and non-specific symptom of various diseases. The cause may be "harmless" from constipation (CC) to a life-threatening organ perforation. All of these diseases can cause stomachache as a basic symptom in the right upper or lower abdomen. Then differ however, in the course and severity of the general symptoms and the presence of other accompanying symptoms.

The following individual diseases are briefly explained. A distinction is made between diseases in the upper right abdomen and disease in the right lower abdomen.

Pain that are specified in the area of the right abdominal region, it can still be divided into Upper abdominal ache and side under ventral pain. Depending on the area in which the pain is specified, other underlying diseases that could be the cause must be excluded.

Upper abdominal pain right side

The right upper abdomen is the area between the navel and ribs on the right side, in this area lies mainly:
The liver, Gallbladder As well as Parts of the colon and small intestine. Accordingly, an opening (perforation) suddenly make all of these organs to the strongest occurring right abdominal pain. Usually the pain after perforation initially somewhat better and then rising again up to the full picture of the acute abdomen.

For such a perforation inflammation is generally obtained through, for example:
Ulcers in the small intestine (perforated ulcer), an inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis (Or Tumors in the colon.

In general, this type of the disease is also accompanied by fever and a very bad general condition. The cholecystitis leads not only to abdominal pain right side to the typical Murphy's sign. Here, the examiner presses his finger under the right costal arch and asks the patient to inhale deeply. An inflamed gallbladder is significantly enlarged and presses against the fingers of the examiner. Since this is very painful for the patient, the breathing is interrupted suddenly.

Through tumors or metastases in the liver, it can swell and thereby cause the so-called liver capsule pain. Again, this arises in the right upper abdomen and is also by key from outside the liver triggered. The ache is described as dull, visceral pain duration. It furthermore the right diaphragm is high, and it also frequently occurs with fever. In general, all the top diseases must be treated surgically because a perforation into the free abdomen is always a life-threatening disease.

Also, a gall bladder can be surgically treated and removed, because of the quality of life without gallbladder is not restricted, and this is the easiest and most effective method of treatment. Only abdominal pain caused by tumors or the liver capsule and pain must be treated by other means. Often, it is in this case to alleviate the symptoms, a complete cure is not always possible.

The constipation (CC) is one of the most common causes of abdominal ache and can occur in all parts of the belly, since it is a chair collection in the colon.

This can be caused:
Low fluid intake, Transport disorders (peristalsis) of the intestine Or His medications. The chair in the intestine is palpable in findings are pronounced and leads to colicky pain, as the intestine attempts. Due to increased bowel movements against resistance, the chair transport. The therapy is to carry out an enema, as well as the regular use of laxatives and adequate fluids

In the area of the right upper abdomen, individual sections of the intestine may have been displaced and cause pain even when intussusception or diverticulitis.

In most cases, however, directly settled in the upper stomach abdominal organs are affected, the ill and so can lead to pain. The most common cause of this abdominal pain right side is diseases of the gallbladder, which is located in the area. Often there are gallstones located in the gallbladder and can cause discomfort in every contact with the gall bladder wall.

Especially after eating, when to contract the gall bladder to expel the contained bile acids, it may happen that the gallstones are pressed against the wall of the gallbladder and prick very strong pain in the right upper abdomen may cause.

It may also happen that the stones are so large that they change the base of the gall bladder and there is a bile acid accumulation. This can also lead to severe ache.

Chronic gallstone disease can also lead to inflammation of the gallbladder. In this case, the thickened gallbladder wall, leads to inflammatory changes and some very strong pain in the right upper abdomen. Diseases of the liver can albeit rare cases also lead to discomfort in the area of the upper abdomen right in some.

Make malignant tumors usually but no complaints, unless they are already well advanced. In the entire abdominal area but also isolated at the right upper or lower abdomen, it can cause discomfort in intestinal obstruction (ileus) or peritonitis (peritonitis) can cause abdominal pain right side.

Update: New Update about Abdominal Pain Right Side

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Abdominal Pain After Eating

Update: New Update about Abdominal Pain After Eating


Abdominal pain after eating  can have numerous causes. These range from relatively harmless food intolerances on congenital food intolerances to malignant tumors. In order to find the right diagnosis, we must have an accurate history and many different diagnostic examination techniques are necessary.


Abdominal Pain After Eating
Abdominal Pain After Eating
The causes of abdominal pain after eating are very versatile. from This reason, numerous chemical laboratories, image and other diagnostic medical tests for diagnosis are often necessary. Below are the main causes of abdominal ache, which typically occur immediately after eating, called and are briefly described.

Abdominal pain after eating

Many patients complain after ingestion of abdominal pain and stomach discomfort. The abdominal pain after eating may be behind a stomach ulcer. Crucially, when the symptoms occur. ache immediately after food intake could talk for an ulcer of the stomach wall, stomach pains, which disappear after food intake, suggest that for an ulcer of the duodenum. If the abdominal ache closely associated with food intake, also a gallstone in the gallbladder could be the cause. This abdominal pain after eating then occurs a few minutes to a few hours, especially after the ingestion of fatty food on.

The pain is usually located on the right side diagonally above the belly button. Cause is the contraction of the gallbladder after fatty food. Mounted stones are a result of this contraction is pressed against the wall of the gallbladder and cause pain. Also an increase in pain after eating can record whose pain but more like a belt tighten around his stomach patients with inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

Abdominal pain caused by food or food intolerances

The most common abdominal pain caused by bloating foods. After the consumption of legumes such as it comes after some time often very severe abdominal pain , but the drain after using the toilet or after the air but (flatulence ) weaken almost immediately increase in intensity again . In food intolerance, such as of lactose intolerance occurs after the consumption of milk or milk products in addition to nausea often campy abdominal pain. The pain is usually to locate on the intestinal region, is pressurized and pungent character and improves usually only after using the toilet.

Improper diet

Too much, too greasy or fast food can cause abdominal pain immediately after eating in some individuals. Also a chronic constipation (CC) can lead to an unpleasant bloating and abdominal pain after eating. The symptoms and the probability of occurrence are individually very different. Chronic constipation can be treated well by gentle laxative medication and a change in diet usually. Also, an adequate fluid intake regulates bowel movements and is therefore essential for symptoms of this kind. Whether too much, ate too fast or too greasy and this was not acceptable, is different from person to person and very situational. Accordingly, neither can any abdominal pain adequately explain or diagnose. In this case, what only helps is a slower and lower food intake, depending on their own well-being.

Inflammation of the stomach (gastritis)

The gastritis is a disease that can be triggered due to unhealthy lifestyle, chronic alcohol or nicotine, some medicines (aspirin, ibuprofen ...) or the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. It runs chronic; it can lead to serious complications such as stomach bleeding, a perforation or a stomach ulcer. Usually occur in this case in the long asymptomatic. Acute gastritis is accompanied by a feeling of pressure, especially in the upper abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea and belching. Typically, the symptoms worsen after eating.

Peptic ulcer (ulcer)
In a gastric ulcer is a complication of chronic gastritis. This can be caused by certain medications, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, a disturbed gastric movement or an increased production of stomach acid. However, nicotine or alcohol abuse can damage the stomach lining and promote the formation of stomach ulcers. The symptoms of stomach ulcers include pain in the center of the upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting, and heartburn and weight loss. Typically, these symptoms increase immediately after the intake of food or on an empty stomach.

To diagnose an ulcer or gastritis (gastritis) usually serves the stomach (gastroscopy), which allows the investigator to look at the stomach lining accurate. In general, the therapy based on the inhibition of the high Gastric acid secretion by proton pump inhibitors. If complications such as stomach bleeding or perforation of stomach ulcer on, surgery is necessary.


Gallstones are formed when solidify endogenous substances such as cholesterol or protein in the gallbladder. Among the risk factors for gallstone disease include older age, female gender, obesity, and nicotine use. The symptoms of gallstone disease exist in a right-sided colicky abdominal pain. The gallbladder produces especially after high-fat meals much bile. However, this cannot leave because of the stones, the gallbladder. This causes strong contractions of the gallbladder, causing the colicky upper abdominal pain can be triggered. For this reason, the pain occurs especially after high-fat meals on frequently. In some cases, however, a long time found no symptoms at all. In general, then no treatment is necessary. But causes the gallbladder pain, it is usually removed (cholecystectomy). Although gallstones can be dissolved by drugs, usually takes the disease but then again. For this reason, gallbladder removal is the treatment of first choice.

Update: New Update about Abdominal Pain After Eating

Friday, December 6, 2013

When You Feel Burning Sensation In Stomach

Update: New Update about Abdоmеn Pаin

A sumptuous festive meal in conjunction with alcoholic beverages may cause unpleasant burning sensation in stomach.

burning sensation in stomach
burning sensation in stomach
 If you like a lot, greasy, fried or spicy flavorful eats, sometimes suffers from digestive problems. For the festive roast, the sharp chili or the Bavarian cream press not only uncomfortable in the stomach, but also cause a sharp, burning sensation in stomach. Often the heartburn rises up into the throat, when lying down or bending over, the symptoms worsen. Hustle and psychological pressure may increase the symptoms. Sometimes it can even lead to a compulsive throat clearing. Symptoms such as inexplicable weight loss or severe pain in the abdomen are a reason to pull the medical advice.

Acid in the esophagus

Heartburn is usually caused by ascending gastric acid flowing back into the esophagus. Blame may be a crowded stomach, increased acid production or a weak pylorus. Lightweight, occasionally occurring heartburn can be treated on its own, the acid is neutralized. Is this heartburn acute, it is according to the pharmacist, the symptoms improve rapidly? If you want to treat your illness, for example, can take up Maaloxan. The preparation was 2013 consecutively awarded for the seventh time as an antacid of the year.

Tips against burning sensation in stomach

Here are the key tips for heartburn:

- Patients who are prone to burning stomach pain, should refrain from food from the fryer and very greasy food.
- Also sugary treats to enjoy in moderation.
- Smokers and coffee drinkers sometimes have to deal with heartburn.
- In addition, hard liquor is considered acid Locker.
- Acidic beverages such as orange juice or carbonated products aggravate heartburn.
- Clear water can dilute the other hand, bananas and potatoes are considered basic, and are therefore well tolerated by people with sensitive digestive tract the acid.

Preventive experts advise to wear loose clothing and decrease obesity in order to reduce any pressure on his waist. Full stomachs in middle of the night and lying flat in bed favors the backflow of acid. Several small, distributed meals throughout the day over-stretch the stomach less than three large ones.

When the burning sensation in stomach like fire

A new study has shown that surgery in reflux disease better results than drug treatment

Hamburg after a heavy meal, it can occasionally happen: the hassle of heartburn and that the food a sour belches. These are a sign that stomach acid flows back from the stomach into the esophagus. Does this happen frequently, doctors speak of the so-called reflux disease. Here, the lower esophageal sphincter is opened so wide that constantly flows back and stomach acid constantly in contact with the lining of the esophagus. A new study has now shown that patients with a specific operation in the long run could be better served than with drugs, through the stomach acid production is inhibited. The study led by the University of Aberdeen was published in the journal "British Medical Journal".

"Suffering patient constantly under these typical symptoms or a burning pain in stomach behind the breastbone, and for example, morning hoarseness that speaks for an acid reflux disease. Then you have to go to the cause of the incident," said Dr. Thomas E. Langwieler, chief doctor of the clinic of General and Visceral Surgery in Evangelical Amalie Sieveking - hospital. One reason is for example, a hole in the diaphragm called the hiatus hernia, which has the result that the stomach is displaced partially in the chest leading to change of the pressure conditions. Another reason may be that the lower esophageal sphincter does not work properly or is even open so far that even flexed forward upper body flows back stomach contents.

Experts believe that about ten percent of the population are affected by the reflux disease, so several times per week or daily suffer under typical symptoms. And this can affect the quality of life significantly. "Sufferers usually sleep with increased upper body. Leave certain foods away avoid anything that might stimulate acid formation. You may also be advised after 18 clock nothing to eat so that the acid does not run back when they lie in bed at night" says Langwieler.

The danger in permanent reflux is that forming a so-called Barrett's esophagus. This means that the lining of the esophagus is converted by the constant contact with the stomach acid in the gastric mucosa. "If that is over many years, an esophageal cancer can develop from. That is  Why it's important that people with Barrett's esophagus regularly be examined endosmotically by the same specialists that regularly samples from the mucosa are taken to check whether develop there cancer cells, "says the surgeon .

A reflection of the esophagus and stomach are always the first examinations if the suspected reflux disease exists. This is then followed by a pressure measurement in the stomach and esophagus, as well as a measurement of acid value in the esophagus over a period of 24 hours. "By this we can see how many reflux episodes occurred and how strong they were pronounced. Thus the severity of reflux disorder is diagnosed and then you discuss with the patient how to proceed," says Langwieler.

If the diagnosis is made, the patient is initially for three months medication. Then these should be discontinued. In some cases is that enough and the reflux is gone, in other patients the symptoms right after again.

In the new study, two groups were compared: patients who had only taken medication and patients who had undergone a so-called fundoplication. In this operation (small incisions in the abdominal wall) is turned over the upper part of the stomach and down like a cuff around the esophagus using keyhole surgery. "This increases the pressure on the lower esophagus is increased so that the acid is no longer flowing back," explains Langwieler who operates in his clinic around 120 patients per year using this method. He relies on a variant of the method, in which on the front of the esophagus remains a free section. "Thus, the tightness after surgery is less, there are less frequent dysphagia and patients have fewer problems if they have to vomit again," explains Langwieler.

Of the 810 study participants 364 patients were operated on. It turned out that they are less likely to heartburn, regurgitation and backflow of stomach contents were suffering than the control group that was treated only with medication. "That's why the recommendation is that one with reflux disease, and should also operate patients. When seriously overweight should be done first weight loss before the surgery is performed," says Langwieler. In rare may lead to renewed complaints after such an operation after a few years, so that patients need surgery again.

Update: New Update about Abdоmеn Pаin

Chronic Stomach pain In Women needed information

A 44 year old woman has been about 5 years of chronic stomach pain and also including (above the navel) - a feeling of pressure, especially after food intake.

chronic stomach pain in women
chronic stomach pain in women
Overnight, this pain feeling disappeared, but is built after getting back on. She has no inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) and otherwise is of conventional medical side no findings recorded. You can eat anything and their digestion refers to it as normal.

In osteopathic findings showed a joint dysfunction in the region of the transition from the neck to the thoracic spine, a temporomandibular joint blockade and a pronounced hypomobility (reduced mobility) of the stomach and the small intestine. The autonomic nervous for these organs (celiac plexus and superior mesenteric ganglion) showed also disturbed.

The treatment took place mainly in the organs with the aim to produce your own movement back and balance the autonomic nervous. After 2nd Treatment about 80 percent had disappeared of the discomfort. She had no feeling of pressure in the abdominal area and could enjoy the food again, without feeling pain.

What to do about almost chronic stomach pain?

For about 3 weeks I am suffering from recurrent chronic stomach pain. Just about every morning every time, when I eat or just ate, I get sick. Has it had already done once meant that I had to throw up. Now I do not suffer from too great stress. What's the problem? Should I see a doctor, if so, what would I do? Are there possibilities for self-treatment?

The idea with the visit to the doctor is not bad! - In any case, one should change the diet to "gentle on the stomach" and everything Fried avoids eating low fat and no legumes. To support can be cooked oatmeal in salt water "enjoy" and eat warm. Dairy products tend to be avoided and counteract with adequate sleep -stress effects.

You must definitely go to the doctor. There are many diseases that you yourself cannot handle and should not. In addition, you can leave you prescribe gastroprotection tablets. Which really help? Accept yourself which due to a chronic disease.

With something like that you go to the DOCTOR!!

Just imagine, you could at worst stomach cancer and someone says here, always nice to drink tea, then the pain will go away already.... Or your stomach acid is not in order. Something is not funny and often!

No one can make a diagnosis here. And with such long-lasting complaints I find it really strange that you have not been to the doctor. I can hardly believe it.

Do you ever not you worry yourself?

I advise you to go immediately to the doctor. He will examine you and can be carried out if necessary a gastric reflex. Before that you do not need to have fear. Can get a calming syringe and then you get nothing from the investigation with. It could be something that is. An infection- (here, three weeks would be too long a time), a gastric mucosa inflammation, or helicobacter pylori (a stomach bacteria), including but it may also simply be due to wrong eating habits. So you torment not last long and go to the doctor. Until then, take the best gastro- dine to you. Especially in the morning and the evening. Can do it with chamomile tea or peppermint tea to try, but best not to even try to do. Wish you good improvement

If you have a day for three weeks from chronic stomach pain with nausea and vomiting then I advises you, hurry to the doctor. It is always bad here to provide remote diagnostics. But if pain persists for weeks, you have to see a doctor urgently. Self-treatment would be as certainly fatal.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Right Abdominal Pain How It Happens

Update: New Update about Right Abdоmеn Pаin
pain in right abdominal pain
pain in right abdominal pain
The most well-known cause of right abdominal pain is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix, which is also known as appendicitis. The pain is localized in the right lower abdomen and are either too accurately to locate or radiation in the area above the right hip to the navel from.

In this area you can also find shares Of the small and large intestine, the ureter and appendix.

In the woman's fallopian tubes (fallopian) and ovary. The most common disease with pain in the right lower abdomen is the (appendicitis). In appendicitis are rising, migratory pain from the left in the lower abdomen. At the same time, many patients suffer from fever, vomiting and nausea. A break of the cecum (Appendix Perforation) the pain cannot be located in one quadrant but then takes the form of the acute abdomen. Here, the operation and removal of the inflamed appendix is the only treatment method.

Since the area of the right lower abdomen is filled mainly by the small intestine and colon, intestine, most diseases can also cause right abdominal pain.

Invitations, i.e., invitations of the colon can also cause crampy right lower abdominal discomfort. In addition to the sections of the intestine and the ureter of the kidney in the back run forward to the urinary bladder. A kidney or urinary stones, which have dissolved in the kidney may if he jammed in the ureter into the bladder just before admission to colicky, cause very severe pain in the right lower abdomen. These pains are indicated as wavy sometimes very massive.

These are often localized colicky in the lower abdomen on the right and allow the patient to wander, as many patients find the pain bearable then. In the left lower quadrant (left) pain can often be caused by protuberances of the intestine when these become inflamed (diverticulitis). In some exceptional cases it may also happen that ignite these innate or acquired sacs of the intestine on the right side of the intestine. In this case, there is moderate to severe discomfort at the lower right abdominal pain. These pains are felt to be rather dull.

Although chronic bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease occur in all portions of the intestine on, but especially common in the area of the terminal ileum (the end of the small intestine). This is located on the right lower side of the abdomen, where it leads to persistent dull pain through the intestinal wall inflammation. Furthermore, can be triggered by various structures of the female internal genitalia lower right abdominal pain.

They include fallopian tubes (tube) and the ovaries (ovarian). Ovarian cysts can completely painless occur when these cysts burst or a complicated situation; however, there is a sudden severe lower abdominal pain on the right. This is usually accompanied with severe systemic symptoms and fever and needs a quick operation.

Also, a pregnancy outside the uterus (entopic pregnancy) can sit in the fallopian tube or the ovary and cause severe inflammation and cross-clamping of the trending structures. In this case, often occur very rapidly to shock signs and unconsciousness after strongest persistent pain occurred for a short time.


Depending on the underlying disease causes discomfort, it also comes in different pain characters. In appendicitis it comes to stabbing and drawing pains of very strong character. The pain can be in the upper abdomen but also in the right leg into radiation and reinforce over time. Characteristic are also associated general symptoms, such as general malaise, fever, and nausea or vomiting. Patients can not usually raise the right leg. One press on the left side of the abdomen is answered with severe pain on the right side. The typical symptoms of colic, as it exists at Ureter colic or gallstone colic are wave-like symptoms, which are sometimes more sometimes less. Again, it may come to broadcast different types and manifest itself as abdominal pain right side.

In intussusception spasmodic complaints are characteristic, but which disappear as quickly as they appeared. Here are the general symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting are completely absent. In intestinal obstruction, however, it may in addition to very severe pain in the entire abdominal area and also just right-sided pain accompanying general symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting may occur. All symptoms and abdominal pain, however, do not necessarily occur just right.


In the search for causes of right sided abdominal pain especially of the period is important, since when the symptoms are present. So do not suggest for weeks to months -existing conditions rather an acute event out during pain that are available for days or several hours and are constantly being stronger rather suggestive of an acute inflammatory process.

In the patient observation, the stomach should be considered and looked in more detail at any rate, whether the area is distended and over inflated or is in an inconspicuous state. On physical examination, the abdomen must first listen with the stethoscope and the bowel sounds are characterized. Loud, metallic -sounding bowel sounds (so-called superscript bowel sounds) suggest rather to a bowel obstruction. Inflammatory processes in the intestine do not usually be based on gut noise noticeable changes.

After the examination of the bowel sounds with a stethoscope to the abdomen should be touched and the abdominal consistencies are investigated. It is important to pay attention to whether the belly is soft, which speaks or hard as a board, which could provide evidence for a more benign course of the disease. The pain sensitivity of the abdomen should be checked. The patient complains at the deep palpation only slight pain, it is probably only a lighter disease. In acute inflammation deep palpation of the abdomen is often not admitted because of pain by the patient.

Characterized by the inflammation of the appendix, the right side pain on palpation of the left and the limited ability of the patient to establish or raise your right leg. Also jumping or coughing is accompanied, in the case of appendicitis with partly massive complaints or is not possible. In addition to the physical examination should still by general symptoms, such as fever looked and asked when the last bowel movement was. Furthermore, it should be carried out a study of the blood to see if there is inflammatory reaction in the body. And an ultrasound may be used. Here, the gallbladder by gallstones or the ureter can be examined by urinary calculi. In some cases, the appendix can be examined on any wall thickening with ultrasound.


The treatment depends on the type of disease. Appendicitis is usually treated surgically. Here, the vermiform appendix (appendix) is removed under general anesthesia either laparoscopically or open. When diverticulitis is usually seen whether it is a chronic form is (rather than antibiotic treatment) or an acute (surgical removal of part of the intestine). 

A bowel obstruction must be treated surgically depending on the cause in almost all cases. Are responsible for the abdominal pain right side ureteral stones or gallbladder stones, these either be recovered through a small catheter surgically treated (ureteral stones) or can. In gallbladder stones the entire gallbladder is usually surgically removed. Even with a gall bladder is usually removed surgically, the entire laparoscopic gallbladder today.


Abdominal pain on the right is non-specific and can have a very common symptom which numerous causes. In most cases it is harmless disease, but can also be life-threatening causes trigger this pain. For this reason, an accurate diagnosis of abdominal pain using:

Anamnesis (case history)
Laboratory and imaging techniques (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT) absolutely necessary. Often enough conventional therapy. In some cases, however, a rapid operation, the only way to treat.

Right abdominal pain can have different causes. Lower abdominal pain right of an inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis) can be triggered in most cases. Typical here is tenderness on the right side on pressing the left side. Furthermore, the patients are only partially able to lift the right leg. In addition, there will be general symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. In most cases, the only type of treatment is surgical removal of the appendix (appendix).

In rare cases, inflammation of (diverticulitis) may cause pain in right side stomach area (typically more left- sided). In acute cases and chronic inflammation must be given to a partial removal of the colon. In milder cases treated with antibiotics.

Upper abdominal pain on the right side can be caused by gallbladder stones or inflammation of the gallbladder. Here, as the treatment in most cases, the gall bladder surgery. Sometimes it comes to ureteral stones, which settle shortly before entry into the bladder into the ureter where they can lead to pain right abdomen complaints.

As therapy, the kidney stones are trying to recover through a wire catheter. If this does not succeed, the ureter must be surgically opened and the ureteral stones are removed surgically.

Update: New Update about Right Abdоmеn Pаin