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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Abdominal pain (Pain in the Abdomen) left - right: Symptoms, Causes & Suggestions Part3

Abdominal pain in the lower left corner

Symptoms: you are experiencing pain in the lower left part of the abdomen, the ache suddenly is very serious and go hand in hand with fever. You can also feel disgust and fallow tendencies, tough vomiting, chills see and a week feeling in the abdominal region.

This can lead to a change in the stool pattern where the patients often suffer from diarrhea or constipation.

Causes: usually diverticulitis

Suggestions: it may be necessary to have an appointment with the doctor. If you are suffering from a sharp pain in the left region in combination with fever, chills, swelling, fallow tendencies and vomiting, it is necessary to go straight to the emergency department to seek treatment.

You may suffer from a complication: peritonitis, a life-threatening infection in the abdominal cavity.

Lower abdominal pain

Symptoms: If you are a woman and may also become pregnant, and you get a severe pain occurs in the left or right hand bearing lower abdomen, but you have no load of vomiting.

Causes: it can be an ectopic pregnancy (= outside the uterus)

Symptoms: pain in the lower abdomen. You can also suffer from blood in your stool, fever, unexplained weight loss, skin rash, fatigue, or ache to the joints.

Causes: Crohn's Disease (pain on the side) or ulcers exploratory colitis (with pain on the side). Dysentery is also a possibility.

Suggestions: proceed immediately to the doctor. Do not forget to mention if you suffer of dysentery, or when you have diarrhea that contains blood. These symptoms are often caused by the expose to water with bacteria or protozoa.

In these diseases is a known product with much chance of better and rarely side effects: low metered naltrexone.

Lower abdominal ache in the lower right corner

Symptoms: an intense sickness in the lower right part of the abdomen. You may first experienced pai in the lower right part of the abdomen or the first can occur in the vicinity of the navel and subsequently could be the pain more intense and extend to the lower right abdomen.

In the event of the circumstances the illness is worse. When you press the lower right abdomen, remains the pain and you can keep the resistance and the voltage of the feel muscles. You will also get a loss of appetite and problems with fallow tendencies, vomiting and a mild fever as well as constipation

Causes: mimic appendicitis

Suggestions: proceed immediately to the doctor. A quick operation is usually the best solution.

Other troubles

Symptoms: pain in the back which is usually staggered under the ribs, to the chest and to the groin area.

Causes: big chance of kidney stones

Suggestions: proceed immediately to the doctor is the Key recommendation prevents lots of drinking. In the case of small stones is also here the cesium complex of great value.

Symptoms: an extremely sharp  pain sometimes associated with other acute symptoms.

Reasons may be: inflammatory disease of the pelvis, a perforated gastric ulcer, a heart attack, a diabetic emergency, a shock from an allergy, a poisoning. Proceed immediately to the doctor.

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