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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Home remedies for stomach pain

Do you have abdominal pain? Home remedies for stomach pain help for pain, stomach pressure, diarrhea, and nausea. Here are the best methods!

Stomach pains are unpleasant. They occur in the form of abdominal pain or stomach cramps and are either acutely or over a longer period may last. Nausea, vomiting and discomfort due to gastric pressure are not uncommon. Against mild abdominal pain help natural home remedies for stomach pain due to acute, severe stomach pain you should urgently consult a doctor.

Causes of stomach pain

The main causes of pain in the stomach area are:

Home remedies
Home remedies
digestive problems
Bowel disease, e.g. Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
Urinary tract infections
Inflammation of the gallbladder
kidney Stones
menstrual disorders
Acidification of the body
lactose intolerance
Gastrointestinal flu
stomach ulcers
Food Allergies
Food poisoning

Symptoms of stomach pain

The most common symptoms of abdominal pain include pain in the stomach that can only occur at a point or over a larger area.

Stomach pain may radiate to the chest and in the neck or the shoulders and affect this.

Vomiting, flatulence and nausea are common companions of stomach problems.

These natural home remedies help against stomach ache:

Ginger heals stomach pain naturally
The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger stimulate digestion and relieve stomach pain quickly and reliably.

put a crushed piece of ginger in a cup of hot water and leave it to stand for 5 minutes. Add some honey and then slowly drink of this home remedy.

In order to treat abdominal pain with ginger you can also squeeze the juice from a piece of ginger and massage the abdominal to relieve pain.

Lemons and oranges against indigestion and stomach problems
Lemons help as stomach pain home remedies for a variety of stomach problems. As lemon tea or hot lemon this is a delicious home remedies.

Grandma's home remedy for stomach ache: mint
The peppermint stimulates the production of bile and improves digestion. peppermint tea soothes stomach cramps and bloating. Even those who suffer from nausea and vomiting has a very good home remedy with mint tea.

Baking soda for heartburn and stomach pain
Soda binds excess stomach acid that often makes for an upset stomach, stress and stomach ulcers for additional problems.

1 teaspoon in a glass of warm water dissolves stomach cramps.

Cola helps relieve pain in the abdomen
Cola contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid can be used against flatulence and vomiting as a home remedy. This may actually helps. Other carbonated drinks help against the feeling of pressure in the stomach.

Chamomile tea eliminates acute pain in the stomach
Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and relaxes stomach cramps. A cup of chamomile tea now and then improve the condition of the stomach.

Heat packs as antispasmodic
Heat may relieve stomach cramps and stomach pain fast. Heat relaxes the stomach muscles and increases blood flow and digestive activity.

A heating pad or hot water bottles a help as well as warm compresses or Cherry stone pillow. It is heated for example, the Cherry stone pillow in the oven and put it on her belly. A simple but effective home remedies for stomach problems.

Fennel seed as a natural stomach pain means
Fennel seeds stimulate the production of digestive juices and sustainably alleviate indigestion.

You can just chew fennel seeds so or prepare a healing tea from it. Fennel tea relieves inflammation and pain.

Aloe Vera heals stomach problems
Aloe Vera is a very versatile home remedies and a beautiful plant that can be kept in the room. 1-5 tablespoons Aloe Vera gel can be eaten daily stomach pain, indigestion, inflammation and constipation remedy effective.

Activated carbon against food allergies and food poisoning
Activated carbon toxins in the body. For the natural cure of food poisoning there is no better way. Even with too much alcohol helps this home remedy. In addition to commercially orderable activated carbon in the form of charcoal tablets can be crushed and clean charcoal or leave char a piece of bread and crushed it. However, severity of food poisoning are a case for the doctor.

Apple cider vinegar relaxes and cleanses the stomach
Apple cider vinegar is a versatile home remedy for elimination of toxins from the body.

They are three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. Repeat several times a day. To stimulate digestion and treat stomach cramps. Apple cider vinegar is also a good home remedy YeGn heartburn.

Celery seed against stomach ache
Take one half teaspoon celery seed together with a pinch of salt. Rinse with water.

Homemade remedies for stomach

Mix honey with crushed bay leaves. Of these, take one spoon every 2 hours.

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