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Friday, August 15, 2014

What should you eat for stomach pain?

Stomach pain is always an unpleasant thing. In addition to bloating, flatulence and heartburn are the pain that can occur during digestion, particularly disturbing. If these chronic pain, they can affect the overall quality of life significantly. To prevent such pain and to reduce in the event of an occurrence or eliminate entirely, there are some guidelines that you should keep eating. 

wrong eating habits 

Frequently stomach pain and irritable bowel an erroneous eating habits play a major role. Especially in modern times, in which time seems to be a luxury, it often happens that the food becomes secondary. Fast swallowing and nutritional imbalances through increased fat, sugar and acid intake from fast food, sweets and coffee quickly lead to digestive problems and result in stomach pain. Irregular food intake and inadequate portion sizes can overwhelm the digestive tract and cause pain. 

Home remedies for stomach pain 

Home remedies for stomach pain

Stomach pain

In addition to the correct diet specific foods and herbs can work wonders in the occurrence of pain. The cure-all tea is again the knight in shining armor; beside the pleasant warming effect and the resulting calm the digestive ingredients are particularly effective. Chamomile tea mixed with aniseed, caraway, angelica and fennel can ease the discomfort of an essence. Corresponding preparations that are available in the pharmacy, have a great effect. Ginger, lemon balm, coriander and basil are also recommended remedies. If possible, should be dispensed with carbonic acid, since this puts the stomach in turmoil and impair digestion. Still water, mild juices and teas are ideal in case of stomach pain. Particularly of coffee should refrain, as the acidic drink can attack the stomach lining. 

The right food for stomach pain 

The waiver of Oily, Sweet and sour can get in many cases with the personal habits in conflict. Too much fruit is not necessarily advisable, as it contains quite a lot of acid. Especially citrus fruits should be avoided. In contrast, a high-fiber diet is desirable, but not from one day to the next, because fiber is very hard to digest for the stomach. Especially natural yoghurt, warm, light soups and wholesome products are recommended in the case of stomach pain.

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