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Monday, December 9, 2013

Gastric Sleeve Testimonials

Here are some Gastric Sleeve Testimonials.

Gastric Sleeve Testimonials
Gastric Sleeve Testimonials

Update: New Gastric Sleeve Testimonials Here
When hunger, I have still not recognizing the difference between the desire to Eating and hunger. But once you made your stomach says. Today I see the effect after 16 days. In the morning I eat 30 to 40 g of muesli in 1/2 cup Reduced milk I cannot drink all the time for breakfast to 9 am. Before the Gastric sleeve operation my lunch was 1 cup of coffee with 6 Crackers and butter, 2 slices of turkey ham at 10 am I ate a banana and compote and 12 I longed to eat. The lunch and dinner I eat around 40 g + 40 g starch mixed proteins and I eat compote or yogurt with chocolate or pistachio 0 % to avoid sugar 2 after meals.

If I eat dessert after the meal I feel a weight being evil who said we should stop. It also happened that I have a pain as when Swallowing water through it gets stuck in the esophagus, and that it means not Eat or drinks anything for several hours. I'm greedy, that I enjoy when I eat but I am satisfied with little food and I never believed in the bush! Today I weigh 103 lbs. I cannot wait to switch to below 2 Digits.

Moral question that's two days I had the moral socks (and Yes you have to stay at home without doing anything because otherwise you will be too tired) and I do anything I do not know. I see the garden with the Bad herbs growing and I cannot tear. I cannot Remove the laundry machine (lifting weight being lowered is a bit Painful) ditto for the dishwasher. I can make room and I take Pleasure before yesterday except the smell of cooked roast beef oil prevented me to want to eat. Otherwise I eat everything so I 'm glad I know this is not the case for the entire world. the First week you have sealed with blood is normal and then all Returns to normal. Many talk about alleviates diarrhea, I had no problem with this Side there.

The second thing you have to wait about 15 days after Gastric sleeve to make love with your partner for not having a stomach ache.

Another question you say that after 2 spoonful you are satisfied it is I suppose that your stomach is full but what about your desires?
Did not you want more than 2 tablespoons??

Another Gastric sleeve testimonials.

I've just had surgery June 10, 2013. I returned on Sunday evening, operated on Monday morning at 8 am. Leaving the clinic 14 h Wednesday. Everything is fine. The day of surgery I was under morphine pump, I leaned not because I was not in pain but the nurse leaned to me because she told me that we should not let them settle pain.

 Tuesday morning I removed the morphine pump no pain, no urinary catheter, no drain. The only gene that is that when I got up I felt that movements in my belly depending on my movements. I lost first week 5 kilos. The second week I lost nothing.

 I think this is normal, my body adapts. abut food in the day after the operation I am limited to 2 teaspoons sauce. On Wednesday morning I drank 2 sips of tea with half a biscuit. Thursday at home 2 rusks soaked in milk but I did not drink milk. The starch and 30 g noon 30 g of mixed meat, same at night. 2nd week I do not mix. I eat 40 g morning muesli without additions with 1/ 2 cup low fat milk noon sugar. And in the evening I made 40 g and 40 g of carbohydrates proteins and 3 h after every meal I eat my dessert. I put the cherry jam home (50% sugar less) in my yogurt and I have not been dumping syndrome.

15 days after the Gastric sleeve surgery I started taking vitamins prescribed by the doctor ( iron, Vitamin D3, B12 and AZINC ). The first week I was really low because of the lack of food ingested. 2nd week it getting better but I like to work in my garden and that lasts 15 minutes and after it is three hours of rest to recover.

Here I hope to have given some info that you can use. I saw the Doctor one month after the operation. The scar is beautiful and very small (5 stitches). For the moment the balance is positive. This is especially before the operation I was hungry all the time and now I can eat everything but in small quantities. So I always eat the things I love but after 2 tablespoons I am satisfied.
Keep us updated, how much have you lost weight now?

Update: New Gastric Sleeve Testimonials Here

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