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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Help Why I Have Belly Button Bleeding?

I have found while ago after the shower that I have a little belly button bleeding. Just a little bit and I think it has some pus it. And I have'n noted anything previously . It hurts a little only when I press on it. How can this come from? Do I need to see a doctor?

I should advise you in any case let it to be viewed by a doctor. As it is not a play. It has probably formed an inflammation an acquaintance of mine had the time and it even had to be hospitalized as the inflammation was progressed and close to the peritoneum. It may be that the belly button has not completely closed the inside (is rare but it may happen) and then penetrate bacteria from the outside one. My friend got a while ago an antibacterial spray that he had to always spray it on the belly button and dry the belly button always very well after showering otherwise there can easily bacteria form. So please be sure to see a doctor for safety sake.

Either that was a little pus pimples that you have since the shower, or you have a local inflammation. Look at (if possible) the belly button closely. To it and everything around it. Do you have somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the belly button ( or belly navel) is a hardened body, a strange body sensation or a blue spot which may be an indication that such as, an insect bite has ignited there. But you definitely must not fall in panic. However, if it continues to bleed in the next 1-2 days (even away from the shower) you should look for a doctor.

It can be that it was just a pimple that just was in the belly button. And now you are bleeding and have the pimples otherwise you have a problem


Belly button bleeding... 

My girlfriend has belly button bleeding. I've already told her to go to the doctor, but she didn't do it. How can I convince them that she must go to the doctor? What is this at all, why she has belly button bleeding?

Could she have scratched a superficial pimple which is not bad, but a deeper wound to the belly button is for pathogens, the shortest path to the lying in the abdominal organs.

Appeal to their reason because with violations with the belly button is not to be trifled with. And if she would not make serious thoughts herself, she would have determined not tell you about it - right? Ask her how the belly button bleeding has arisen - and if she has not just scratched. Then you threaten to if necessary the termination of your friendship if she do not immediately moves with you for emergency consultation with a doctor or the hospital so that it can be clarified whether the injury does not have to be treated or is inflammation in belly button Medical, e.g. triggered by poor hygiene or umbilical hernia repairs (hernia)? An umbilical hernia makes the idea a good idea at the doctor because abdominal organs can become trapped in the hernia. While an existing umbilical hernia in infancy usually grows together in the first years of life, no longer disappear over the age of puberty, existing umbilical hernia.

My colleague (24 years) has since March of each day before beginning of period pain at the belly button. It goes so far that the belly button tears as a small piece and bleeds easily figure it out. Did not believe it myself until I saw it today.

So far all the doctors seem clueless, and the Gyn Sono and smears on bacteria are gone.
She has never had a surgery on the abdomen, no reflections, has no child had an accident etc.
Any ideas?

The belly button bleeding also fits into the picture. Funny only that the gyn has not thought about it. So, maybe he thought about it, but ruled it for some reason.

So completely insane that is not now, especially when one considers the cycle of dependence. The menstrual pain may also be expressive of endometriosis. Maybe let biopsy (diagnosis- the skin) and laparoscopy.

Who biopsied the skin diagnosis- or who takes the test? The gyn? And laparoscopy is the direct imperative? (I had 2 years ago and got a really nice adhesions now)

Gyn or dermatologist, I'd say.

If you want to make clarify whether there are actually endometriosis herd: yes. With non-invasive imaging to get as close. You can also leave the herd same in one go coagulate, which may improve the discomfort. Herd may also be located in the myometrium or the tubes, however, as it comes naturally badly off.

Would definitely fit an extragenital endometriosis, it must not even be there any other problems. Hope you do not want it, but a tangible diagnosis is sometimes a real relief.

It is important that your colleague is really going to a specialist: - opinion, there are a lot of endometriosis centers where reasonable diagnosis is operated, minimally invasive and organ -preserving (you know, unfortunately, never what one expects) operates and also well looked after. It unfortunately makes clear the difference how many times a Doc was faced with this disease, whether he knows. This can usually barely afford an established Gyn and also the hospital next door does not. Otherwise, the Council for the removal of the uterus, an abdominal incision and pregnancy recommendations are there faster than you think. Now sounds exaggerated but it is unfortunately way.

Often made with the first operation on the following, then also there where it can be restored properly. Everything else has no value. I 'm with this belly button bleeding, have the most adventurous Tips and Docs come to know.


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