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Friday, December 6, 2013

When You Feel Burning Sensation In Stomach

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A sumptuous festive meal in conjunction with alcoholic beverages may cause unpleasant burning sensation in stomach.

burning sensation in stomach
burning sensation in stomach
 If you like a lot, greasy, fried or spicy flavorful eats, sometimes suffers from digestive problems. For the festive roast, the sharp chili or the Bavarian cream press not only uncomfortable in the stomach, but also cause a sharp, burning sensation in stomach. Often the heartburn rises up into the throat, when lying down or bending over, the symptoms worsen. Hustle and psychological pressure may increase the symptoms. Sometimes it can even lead to a compulsive throat clearing. Symptoms such as inexplicable weight loss or severe pain in the abdomen are a reason to pull the medical advice.

Acid in the esophagus

Heartburn is usually caused by ascending gastric acid flowing back into the esophagus. Blame may be a crowded stomach, increased acid production or a weak pylorus. Lightweight, occasionally occurring heartburn can be treated on its own, the acid is neutralized. Is this heartburn acute, it is according to the pharmacist, the symptoms improve rapidly? If you want to treat your illness, for example, can take up Maaloxan. The preparation was 2013 consecutively awarded for the seventh time as an antacid of the year.

Tips against burning sensation in stomach

Here are the key tips for heartburn:

- Patients who are prone to burning stomach pain, should refrain from food from the fryer and very greasy food.
- Also sugary treats to enjoy in moderation.
- Smokers and coffee drinkers sometimes have to deal with heartburn.
- In addition, hard liquor is considered acid Locker.
- Acidic beverages such as orange juice or carbonated products aggravate heartburn.
- Clear water can dilute the other hand, bananas and potatoes are considered basic, and are therefore well tolerated by people with sensitive digestive tract the acid.

Preventive experts advise to wear loose clothing and decrease obesity in order to reduce any pressure on his waist. Full stomachs in middle of the night and lying flat in bed favors the backflow of acid. Several small, distributed meals throughout the day over-stretch the stomach less than three large ones.

When the burning sensation in stomach like fire

A new study has shown that surgery in reflux disease better results than drug treatment

Hamburg after a heavy meal, it can occasionally happen: the hassle of heartburn and that the food a sour belches. These are a sign that stomach acid flows back from the stomach into the esophagus. Does this happen frequently, doctors speak of the so-called reflux disease. Here, the lower esophageal sphincter is opened so wide that constantly flows back and stomach acid constantly in contact with the lining of the esophagus. A new study has now shown that patients with a specific operation in the long run could be better served than with drugs, through the stomach acid production is inhibited. The study led by the University of Aberdeen was published in the journal "British Medical Journal".

"Suffering patient constantly under these typical symptoms or a burning pain in stomach behind the breastbone, and for example, morning hoarseness that speaks for an acid reflux disease. Then you have to go to the cause of the incident," said Dr. Thomas E. Langwieler, chief doctor of the clinic of General and Visceral Surgery in Evangelical Amalie Sieveking - hospital. One reason is for example, a hole in the diaphragm called the hiatus hernia, which has the result that the stomach is displaced partially in the chest leading to change of the pressure conditions. Another reason may be that the lower esophageal sphincter does not work properly or is even open so far that even flexed forward upper body flows back stomach contents.

Experts believe that about ten percent of the population are affected by the reflux disease, so several times per week or daily suffer under typical symptoms. And this can affect the quality of life significantly. "Sufferers usually sleep with increased upper body. Leave certain foods away avoid anything that might stimulate acid formation. You may also be advised after 18 clock nothing to eat so that the acid does not run back when they lie in bed at night" says Langwieler.

The danger in permanent reflux is that forming a so-called Barrett's esophagus. This means that the lining of the esophagus is converted by the constant contact with the stomach acid in the gastric mucosa. "If that is over many years, an esophageal cancer can develop from. That is  Why it's important that people with Barrett's esophagus regularly be examined endosmotically by the same specialists that regularly samples from the mucosa are taken to check whether develop there cancer cells, "says the surgeon .

A reflection of the esophagus and stomach are always the first examinations if the suspected reflux disease exists. This is then followed by a pressure measurement in the stomach and esophagus, as well as a measurement of acid value in the esophagus over a period of 24 hours. "By this we can see how many reflux episodes occurred and how strong they were pronounced. Thus the severity of reflux disorder is diagnosed and then you discuss with the patient how to proceed," says Langwieler.

If the diagnosis is made, the patient is initially for three months medication. Then these should be discontinued. In some cases is that enough and the reflux is gone, in other patients the symptoms right after again.

In the new study, two groups were compared: patients who had only taken medication and patients who had undergone a so-called fundoplication. In this operation (small incisions in the abdominal wall) is turned over the upper part of the stomach and down like a cuff around the esophagus using keyhole surgery. "This increases the pressure on the lower esophagus is increased so that the acid is no longer flowing back," explains Langwieler who operates in his clinic around 120 patients per year using this method. He relies on a variant of the method, in which on the front of the esophagus remains a free section. "Thus, the tightness after surgery is less, there are less frequent dysphagia and patients have fewer problems if they have to vomit again," explains Langwieler.

Of the 810 study participants 364 patients were operated on. It turned out that they are less likely to heartburn, regurgitation and backflow of stomach contents were suffering than the control group that was treated only with medication. "That's why the recommendation is that one with reflux disease, and should also operate patients. When seriously overweight should be done first weight loss before the surgery is performed," says Langwieler. In rare may lead to renewed complaints after such an operation after a few years, so that patients need surgery again.

Update: New Update about Abdоmеn Pаin

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