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Friday, December 6, 2013

Chronic Stomach pain In Women needed information

A 44 year old woman has been about 5 years of chronic stomach pain and also including (above the navel) - a feeling of pressure, especially after food intake.

chronic stomach pain in women
chronic stomach pain in women
Overnight, this pain feeling disappeared, but is built after getting back on. She has no inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) and otherwise is of conventional medical side no findings recorded. You can eat anything and their digestion refers to it as normal.

In osteopathic findings showed a joint dysfunction in the region of the transition from the neck to the thoracic spine, a temporomandibular joint blockade and a pronounced hypomobility (reduced mobility) of the stomach and the small intestine. The autonomic nervous for these organs (celiac plexus and superior mesenteric ganglion) showed also disturbed.

The treatment took place mainly in the organs with the aim to produce your own movement back and balance the autonomic nervous. After 2nd Treatment about 80 percent had disappeared of the discomfort. She had no feeling of pressure in the abdominal area and could enjoy the food again, without feeling pain.

What to do about almost chronic stomach pain?

For about 3 weeks I am suffering from recurrent chronic stomach pain. Just about every morning every time, when I eat or just ate, I get sick. Has it had already done once meant that I had to throw up. Now I do not suffer from too great stress. What's the problem? Should I see a doctor, if so, what would I do? Are there possibilities for self-treatment?

The idea with the visit to the doctor is not bad! - In any case, one should change the diet to "gentle on the stomach" and everything Fried avoids eating low fat and no legumes. To support can be cooked oatmeal in salt water "enjoy" and eat warm. Dairy products tend to be avoided and counteract with adequate sleep -stress effects.

You must definitely go to the doctor. There are many diseases that you yourself cannot handle and should not. In addition, you can leave you prescribe gastroprotection tablets. Which really help? Accept yourself which due to a chronic disease.

With something like that you go to the DOCTOR!!

Just imagine, you could at worst stomach cancer and someone says here, always nice to drink tea, then the pain will go away already.... Or your stomach acid is not in order. Something is not funny and often!

No one can make a diagnosis here. And with such long-lasting complaints I find it really strange that you have not been to the doctor. I can hardly believe it.

Do you ever not you worry yourself?

I advise you to go immediately to the doctor. He will examine you and can be carried out if necessary a gastric reflex. Before that you do not need to have fear. Can get a calming syringe and then you get nothing from the investigation with. It could be something that is. An infection- (here, three weeks would be too long a time), a gastric mucosa inflammation, or helicobacter pylori (a stomach bacteria), including but it may also simply be due to wrong eating habits. So you torment not last long and go to the doctor. Until then, take the best gastro- dine to you. Especially in the morning and the evening. Can do it with chamomile tea or peppermint tea to try, but best not to even try to do. Wish you good improvement

If you have a day for three weeks from chronic stomach pain with nausea and vomiting then I advises you, hurry to the doctor. It is always bad here to provide remote diagnostics. But if pain persists for weeks, you have to see a doctor urgently. Self-treatment would be as certainly fatal.

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