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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Abdominal Pain Right Side

Update: New Update about Abdominal Pain Right Side

Lower abdominal pain right side is found in the right lower or upper abdominal, specified ache which may be of different causes and different pain character. 

abdominal pain right side
abdominal pain right side


Abdominal pain right side is a very common and non-specific symptom of various diseases. The cause may be "harmless" from constipation (CC) to a life-threatening organ perforation. All of these diseases can cause stomachache as a basic symptom in the right upper or lower abdomen. Then differ however, in the course and severity of the general symptoms and the presence of other accompanying symptoms.

The following individual diseases are briefly explained. A distinction is made between diseases in the upper right abdomen and disease in the right lower abdomen.

Pain that are specified in the area of the right abdominal region, it can still be divided into Upper abdominal ache and side under ventral pain. Depending on the area in which the pain is specified, other underlying diseases that could be the cause must be excluded.

Upper abdominal pain right side

The right upper abdomen is the area between the navel and ribs on the right side, in this area lies mainly:
The liver, Gallbladder As well as Parts of the colon and small intestine. Accordingly, an opening (perforation) suddenly make all of these organs to the strongest occurring right abdominal pain. Usually the pain after perforation initially somewhat better and then rising again up to the full picture of the acute abdomen.

For such a perforation inflammation is generally obtained through, for example:
Ulcers in the small intestine (perforated ulcer), an inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis (Or Tumors in the colon.

In general, this type of the disease is also accompanied by fever and a very bad general condition. The cholecystitis leads not only to abdominal pain right side to the typical Murphy's sign. Here, the examiner presses his finger under the right costal arch and asks the patient to inhale deeply. An inflamed gallbladder is significantly enlarged and presses against the fingers of the examiner. Since this is very painful for the patient, the breathing is interrupted suddenly.

Through tumors or metastases in the liver, it can swell and thereby cause the so-called liver capsule pain. Again, this arises in the right upper abdomen and is also by key from outside the liver triggered. The ache is described as dull, visceral pain duration. It furthermore the right diaphragm is high, and it also frequently occurs with fever. In general, all the top diseases must be treated surgically because a perforation into the free abdomen is always a life-threatening disease.

Also, a gall bladder can be surgically treated and removed, because of the quality of life without gallbladder is not restricted, and this is the easiest and most effective method of treatment. Only abdominal pain caused by tumors or the liver capsule and pain must be treated by other means. Often, it is in this case to alleviate the symptoms, a complete cure is not always possible.

The constipation (CC) is one of the most common causes of abdominal ache and can occur in all parts of the belly, since it is a chair collection in the colon.

This can be caused:
Low fluid intake, Transport disorders (peristalsis) of the intestine Or His medications. The chair in the intestine is palpable in findings are pronounced and leads to colicky pain, as the intestine attempts. Due to increased bowel movements against resistance, the chair transport. The therapy is to carry out an enema, as well as the regular use of laxatives and adequate fluids

In the area of the right upper abdomen, individual sections of the intestine may have been displaced and cause pain even when intussusception or diverticulitis.

In most cases, however, directly settled in the upper stomach abdominal organs are affected, the ill and so can lead to pain. The most common cause of this abdominal pain right side is diseases of the gallbladder, which is located in the area. Often there are gallstones located in the gallbladder and can cause discomfort in every contact with the gall bladder wall.

Especially after eating, when to contract the gall bladder to expel the contained bile acids, it may happen that the gallstones are pressed against the wall of the gallbladder and prick very strong pain in the right upper abdomen may cause.

It may also happen that the stones are so large that they change the base of the gall bladder and there is a bile acid accumulation. This can also lead to severe ache.

Chronic gallstone disease can also lead to inflammation of the gallbladder. In this case, the thickened gallbladder wall, leads to inflammatory changes and some very strong pain in the right upper abdomen. Diseases of the liver can albeit rare cases also lead to discomfort in the area of the upper abdomen right in some.

Make malignant tumors usually but no complaints, unless they are already well advanced. In the entire abdominal area but also isolated at the right upper or lower abdomen, it can cause discomfort in intestinal obstruction (ileus) or peritonitis (peritonitis) can cause abdominal pain right side.

Update: New Update about Abdominal Pain Right Side

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